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Vodafone is a leading global telecommunications company. Communications plays a key role in keeping Vodafone in touch with their 300m mobile customers around the world. Reputation is vital to Vodafone’s ability to attract both customers and talent in a highly competitive market. Onclusive’s media analysis has been integral to Vodafone Germany’s reputation management process since 2013. We provide insights on the success of communications and the impact of news stories on Vodafone’s reputation.


Objectives & Challenges

Vodafone Germany asked Onclusive to incorporate new reputation drivers into the communications insights and to identify emerging topics with the potential to harm or improve their reputation. Rather than adding to the scope of the project, Onclusive had to focus on an implementation within the framework of the existing media analysis. As Vodafone required Onclusive to track the evolution of every topic associated with Vodafone Germany, one challenge we faced was that this can be a resource-intensive task.


Our Strategy

Onclusive recommended a framework built upon the existing key messages analysis, combining a granular and consistent approach. In order to deliver detailed horizon scanning and topic analysis in a fast and cost-efficient way, we designed a hybrid process of automation supported by human curation. Uniting the scale and speed of automated analytics and human insight allowed us to meet Vodafone’s objectives and deliver fast and actionable conclusions.


Outcomes & Client Benefits

Onclusive and Vodafone co-created an accurate and meaningful research framework to deliver a credible analysis. Our solution demonstrated the contribution of PR to reputation and marketing objectives. We identified underrepresented reputation topics within Vodafone’s media narrative and informed new engagement initiatives to exploit these opportunities. Onclusive’s customised, in-depth analysis allowed Vodafone to attribute communications successes to the activities driving them.

This project was awarded at the AMEC Communication Effectiveness Awards.

Onclusive AMEC Awards Winner 2022
Onclusive AMEC Awards Winner 2022


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The Onclusive insights highlight where we are succeeding, and, even more importantly, where we could do better.  Integrating the reputational drivers into the analysis demonstrates the impact of communications to the brand, raising the profile of our department around the business and allowing us to be more effective in supporting Vodafone’s integrated marketing campaigns.“

Volker Petendorf, Group Press Officer and Chief Media Analyst, Vodafone