3 ways Onclusive is helping SMG advance its content marketing efforts



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As the roles and responsibilities of marketers continue to blur, finding the right technology solutions is critical. With responsibility for earned, owned, and social media at SMG, I’m tasked with connecting the dots between our content marketing and our business outcomes. Here are 3 ways Onclusive has helped us advance our content marketing practice:

Advanced Analytics

With nearly 20 years of public relations experience, I’m pleased to say earned media reporting has come a long, long way in two decades. In the past, I’ve not always been excited to share reports with the business, and the metrics we did report on rarely helped us improve our content strategy. The Onclusive platform has helped us improve the impact of our reporting and work smarter. For instance, for the first time, our content marketing results are being reported alongside key inbound marketing metrics. In addition, Onclusive data like readership, potential customers and interactions has helped us identify which content is resonating with our audience and ultimately driving action.

Timely Insights

While data is great, it’s the insights that ultimately matter the most. Onclusive provides us with several tools that allow us to uncover insights and share market intelligence. The Daily Digest is an excellent primer to start the day, providing us with our earned media highlights and a snapshot of the earned and owned media activity across the industry. Earlier this year the digest helped us discover a blog post that misrepresented our brand and by getting that information in a timely manner, we were able to quickly notify legal and resolve the issue. In addition to daily market intel, the Onclusive reporting suite has helped us provide the organization with more meaningful and timely content marketing reports. The intuitive templates have helped us significantly reduce the amount of time it takes to create reports and inform our content-planning sessions with readership, engagement and conversion data.

Dedicated Support

In the SaaS age, it’s not uncommon to only hear from your account team during implementation and when your renewal is due. Our experience with Onclusive has been just the opposite. From the beginning, the Onclusive team has remained accessible, responsive and committed to our success. We have a bi-monthly call with our customer success director, and the support team always responds within one business day. It’s rare to find vendors that combine advanced technology with outstanding service, and we’re grateful to have a partner in Onclusive that does just that.

From developing our owned media content calendar to refining our media relations approach, analytics will play a pivotal role in our content strategy in 2021. The Onclusive platform is helping us work smarter and improve our effectiveness by giving us better visibility to outcomes, advancing our attribution capabilities and streamlining our reporting.