How to Decrease Your Jackass Quotient By 51.8%



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The most inspiring leaders and successful professionals I know all have one thing in common: they aren’t jackasses.

He always goes too farWhat is a jackass, you ask?

They come in all colors, shapes, and sizes, which make them hard to pinpoint; but ultimately “jackass syndrome” can affect even the most brilliant minds and busy business people, leaving those who are forced to interact with them feeling confused, frustrated, and often angry.

This is not a good thing for a company or long term working relationship.

All things considered, how do you ensure you aren’t being seen as a jackass (“JkA”) to those you’re leading or currently working with – be it customer, co-worker, or client?

Below are some tips for reducing your jackass quotient by at least 51.8%:

1. Don’t be continually late to meetings or important calls. Sure 5 to 10 minutes might be ok, but beyond that you look like a complete JkA. A secondary, related offense is keeping meetings long with no real agenda as you blather on about this that and the other thing. That is not productive; it’s counter productive and just gross.  

JkA reduction potential: 8.2%

2. Please refrain from checking your phone constantly during conversations or meetings. You’re not that important, and it leaves the other person feeling like you don’t value their time, or what they have to say.

JkA reduction potential: 7.5%

3. When a request or specific ask comes down the funnel, don’t ignore it until it’s convenient for you. As a leader, your primary function is to push things through the funnel, so be responsive. Unreliable behavior slowly erodes trust and will come back to bite you in your JkA.

JkA reduction potential: 6.3%

4. Stop talking about yourself. No, seriously. Just stop. Yes, we all have products and news but instead of being me-centric, consider what problems or challenges your customers need solved. Be helpful, be thoughtful and most of all, be useful.

JkA reduction potential: 5.4%

5. When it comes to sarcasm, don’t refute conflict or someone’s needs with anger’s second cousin. It’s rude and immature. Oh, and it makes you look like a complete JkA.

JkA reduction potential: 7.3%

6. Speaking of other people, consider your level of generosity. Don’t just ask for advice, seek counsel and generally be a business leech. Be sure to give something back. In fact, give more then you take. Operating like this nearly guarantees you will avoid all pitfalls of jackassery.

JkA reduction potential: 4.9%

7. Don’t get sloppy drunk at work functions. Ever. The end.

JkA reduction potential: 12.2%

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