Your PR Tech Stack Made Easy: Onclusive Launches Pro Media Monitoring



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Onclusive has long been the premier provider of PR analytics. Today, we’re excited to announce the availability of an expanded product suite that makes premium media monitoring available to all types of organizations. Organizations can now use Onclusive Pro’s instant, AI-driven insights to craft communications strategies and measure their performance. Onclusive offers the most comprehensive visibility of media coverage in an intuitive, cost-effective solution.

In the modern world of media relations, PR teams need the ability to see and manage an increasingly fragmented ecosystem of publications, journalists, and influencers. There are millions of digital outlets and authors today which did not exist even a year ago, so it is more important than ever that communications teams have a clear understanding of their media environment and an ability to create data driven media strategies.

We are excited to put the power of  the world’s largest earned media database directly into the hands of small & medium sized businesses and agencies of all sizes. Pro offers core metrics including Share of Voice and Social Media Amplification, as well as proprietary metrics like Share of Social Amplification™, Share of Reach™, and Sentiment Over Time which is powered by Onclusive’s proprietary natural language processing algorithm. Monitoring, analysis and reporting have never been easier with a robust set of workflows and functionality including the first and only “one click” PowerPoint report builder,.

Here’s more on what makes Onclusive’s media monitoring unique:

Simplify analysis with a comprehensive, integrated solution.

Track and research companies, trending topics, and authors across a variety of media formats.

Improve productivity with unparalleled intelligence.

Stay informed with AI-powered insights, customizable dashboards, and automated reporting so you can focus on what you do best.

Increase performance and focus on winning strategies.

Efficiently interpret massive amounts of data, topics, and messaging to create and track PR campaigns, communications strategies, and KPIs. Make your work faster and more effective.

The release of Pro complements Onclusive’s existing Enterprise application which delivers the world’s most advanced communications analytics including PR Attribution™ and Power of Voice™ for global brands. Onclusive is also continuously enhancing its Enterprise product for existing and new users who require the most sophisticated data, workflows, analytics and reporting, including the ability to connect earned media articles to revenue.

Try Pro for free today and see how data science can modernize your communications.