Share of Voice Gets A Big Data Makeover: Meet The Improved Power of Voice™



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Increasingly in PR and communications, simply measuring the quantity of content that you publish or the number of earned media pieces you garner is not enough. Counting the number of articles that mention your brand and your competitors’ brands is not a reliable indication of the quality of your communications or its impact on your business.

To truly measure which content is achieving their objectives, brands need a metric that incorporates quality and demonstrates what is working and what is not – a metric that can identify the most impactful elements of their communications and shape future strategy for campaigns, messaging, and media relations outreach.

That’s why Onclusive invented Power of Voice™ – the leading content quality metric for PR and communications. Power of Voice™ is the only metric that combines content relevance, publication authority, social media amplification, and sentiment, in a single measurement. Many PR agencies and traditional media monitoring companies attempt to deliver this type of information for their clients, using people. Power of Voice™ reimagined this process using AI and big data to provide a more consistent, more accurate, and more scalable metric than can ever be expected from human readers alone. No other metric can show a brand’s authority, beyond share of voice, against competitors in one simple chart.

Here’s what some of our customers have to say:

“Building a new global team and creating forward thinking strategies required us to use a data-driven approach to judge our performance across all markets as the standard metrics were neither consistent across teams nor informative,” said Gerry Tschopp, Global Head of External communications for Experian. “Onclusive and its Power of Voice™ became one of our unifying communications metrics globally. It transformed how we talk about success within the business and provides valuable insights that we can use as we plan future campaigns.”

“Onclusive’s Power of Voice™ metric is a focus for our team in measuring the true quality of our coverage, not just the quantity of articles that mention us and our competitors,” said Robyn Hannah, Senior Director, Global Communication at Dynamic Signal. “Power of Voice™ was the missing metric. This gives us the best understanding of the media landscape, and actionable insights around how our earned media coverage is increasing brand equity, category development, and market awareness – in terms that actually mean something”.

Today, we are thrilled to announce the launch of Power of Voice™ 2.0 with an enhanced formula and new analytics dashboard that highlights actionable insights to help brands to shape better strategies and deploy more impactful campaigns. Power of Voice™ 2.0 allows for more targeted identification of the most impactful publications, authors, and topics; reveals the most important competitive strategies; and delivers more valuable insights to share with leadership.

Now, for your brand and your competitors, you can:

  • Identify the coverage that matters most with increased focus on content relevance
  • See how each article, publication and author has contributed to Power of Voice™ with measurement details for each article
  • View how positive, neutral or negative sentiment impacts Power of Voice™
  • Track your Power of Voice™ trends over time with better usability
  • Easily apply Power of Voice™ insights to your target media lists, journalist outreach, and content strategies

We have always been committed to advancing the communications industry along the measurement maturity path. By introducing credible performance metrics we are helping brands evolve beyond simple quantity metrics like article count and impressions. Power of Voice™ informs strategies that deliver actual value, and gives today’s communications team the everyday measure of success that tells the real story.

Want to see Power of Voice 2.0 in action? Follow this link to request a live demo.