PR success metrics for the C-suite





In our final article in the June blog series on Measuring Up To Marketing: How PR Fits Into The Mix, we’re discussing PR metrics that resonate with the key business decision-makers. When it comes to measurement, aligning with marketing provides an additional benefit of using the same data and language as your marketing peers when talking about success — which is also the language of the C-suite.

Today, top-level executives are looking for integrated marketing communications measurement. They want to see how efforts across paid, earned, shared, and owned media are impacting the bottom line and driving business results. How can PR teams demonstrate to the CMO and CEO that PR is a business growth driver?

The answer is simpler than one might think. It’s modern PR measurement. With advanced technology and metrics offered by solutions such as Onclusive, everyone in your organization can see how communications efforts contribute toward business objectives and impact revenue in a measurable, quantifiable way.

Ultimately, measurements that align the entire marketing mix against a single set of business goals are the success metrics the C-suite really cares about.

As communications data and technology innovators, Onclusive has developed proprietary PR metrics that work well within a typical marketing funnel. Using this data, you can measure and optimize content based on quality, resonance, brand impact and revenue for every article:



● Sentiment analysis from Onclusive supports over 100 languages, using the business intelligence of NLP and AI to deliver automated insights around the tone of your earned media coverage so you can see how your messages resonate with your audience.

● Power of Voice™, Onclusive’s proprietary content quality metric that combines content relevance, publication authority, social media monitoring, and positive and negative sentiments, into a single measurement, enables the discovery of the most impactful outlets, authors and content.

● Message Pull-Through reveals which messages have the most impact across social media and your website by pinpointing soundbites with the highest pull through on website actions and conversions.

● Social Amplification allows you to quickly understand which articles are being amplified and engaged with on social media, which is a great measure of how much your content resonates and how many more eyeballs it receives beyond the original publication.

● Reader Engagement finally answers the question whether your earned media is actually being consumed, and if so, by who and for how long.

● Brand Impact helps you understand which stories are likely to influence your audience to take desired actions.

● PR Attribution™, invented and perfected by Onclusive, empowers you to demonstrate the bottom line of your PR efforts by connecting your content to actual business outcomes, including website traffic, website actions like sign-ups, content downloads and purchases, and ultimately, revenue.

“By being able to access such robust data and measurement through Onclusive over the last 5 years, I’ve been armed with the ability to prove time and time again the value of earned media relations efforts to our C-Suite in a language that they truly understand.” ~ Talia James-Armand, Associate Director, PR and Communications, Edmunds

Using metrics like the quality of your content, social media amplification, sentiment and PR Attribution™ can help you uncover powerful and often unexpected insights about the publications, authors, stories and messages that drive tangible impact for your brand. These deeper metrics, which go beyond impressions and share of voice, give your C-suite the information they can easily relate to. Demonstrating impact in terms of website sign-ups driven by specific stories or publications resonates with executives quite well.

Based on these data-driven insights, you can also further optimize your earned media strategy — and this cycle continues on as you learn and perfect your performance.

Join Onclusive for the Measuring Up To Marketing: How PR Fits Into The Mix webinar this Wednesday, June 29th. During this live event, we’ll discuss how to think about performance and metrics in ways that are more comparable to marketing, best practices for PR to measure and report into the C-suite, and strategies for collaborating with marketing to achieve greater impact.