How’s Your Data Literacy? Take our quiz and find out!



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Ok, so if that sentence brought on mental flashbacks of repressed high school memories, fret not. This quiz isn’t meant to make you sweat, agonize, or relive painful 16 year-old nightmares.

In fact, its sole purpose is to provide some honest feedback on where your PR data strengths lie and where you may need a little more education investment.

So let’s get after it!

Data literacy (the ability to read, create, and communicate data as information) is all the rage, so to allow you to test your own level of data literacy, our rockstar communications coordinator, Alexis Anthony, put together this nifty quiz meant to put your data literacy chops to the test.

Can you beat the AirPR’s team high score of 90%? Take the quiz below and be sure to tweet to us and let us know how you fared!

AirPR’s Data Literacy Quiz