When in doubt, say it with a GIF



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They say a picture is worth a 1,000 words. I say:

hell yeah

In a world where lengthy emails reign supreme, it behooves us all to recognize just how much a single image can convey. If storytelling is at the core of PR, than the ability to tell an entire bite-sized story in a few seconds is pure potency.

My favored type of visual content bridges the best of photo and video: it’s the GIF. Here are a few reasons why I’m gaga for GIFs and why we could all benefit from integrating them into our communication strategies:

  • Visual content is easier and faster to process
  • There are endless options to express yo’self
  • Does a better job of communicating a point than any acronym (LOL)
  • Keeps emails short, succinct and entertaining

Let’s shake up the monotony of text-only responses and inject some always-appreciated humor into our business relationships.

Below are the Top 10 GIFs for your clients and colleagues when there just.are.no.words.

NOTE: Not all of these are meant for public circulation. Some are merely an affirmation that you’re NOT losing your mind. 😉

1. When your super smart, hilarious client or colleague one ups you during an email exchange:

bear clap gif

2. When a journalist adopts a total lack of urgency in correcting a glaring error:

pleading cat gif


3. When the social community you’ve been carefully cultivating sees a growth spurt:

I love my followers gif


4. When the media butchers your thoughtfully crafted pitch into something totally inaccurate:

johnstewart_facepalm gif


5. When a feature story is on the front page of that top media target:

celebration gif


6. When a client acts like said win is just an everyday placement:

Doh gif


7. When your client looks and sounds AH-mazing during their first TV interview:

patrick flying splits gif


8. When you’ve had too much coffee and send a typo-ridden email to an important contact:

coffee gif


9. When you realize your favorite client is going to be a success story AND a lifelong friend:

Fabulous gif


10. When Friday at 5pm rolls around and all you can think about is Happy Hour:

cat over it gif


To start a library of GIFs, I highly recommend creating a folder on your desktop stat. It’s an easy way to aggregate favorites and organize potential options for witty retorts.

Got a favorite GIF? Please share! @AirPR