Three Steps to Finding Better Influencers



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Gaining respect, trust and social capital with PR and digital marketing influencers in your space is fast become the holy grail of online marketing. But how do you identify who is influencing who? The influencers of our target audience change over time and it is difficult to identify who has the greatest impact – beyond just follower size.

Using a variety of analytics, AI-driven insights and social metrics can help you map influence across social platforms and identify patterns with the key players in your market.  Here are three steps to stay on top of the influencers in your space and work smarter, not harder, on your influencer marketing efforts.

1) See which influencers drive more of the behaviors you’re after.

Understanding the impact of content produced by different influencers can provide insight into which direction or PR strategy you should use. For instance, if you find that blog posts from influencer X consistently drive more website conversions than influencer Y, test increasing your interactions with influencer X and decreasing what you do with influencer Y.

Cutting the clutter in terms of the influencers you work with is a quick way to work more efficiently and prove to the C-suite that you’re focusing on what works and doing less of what doesn’t.

2) Use topic segmentation and co-mentions to determine which topics to align your brand with.

Topic segmentation allows you to figure out if posts that mention a specific topic—in tandem with mentions of your brand or company—perform better than when your brand is mentioned in focused focused on different topics. If you’re seeing consistently better results when your company is mentioned along with a certain topic, focus more of your influencer marketing efforts there.

3) Identify trends and anomalies that can drive better decision making

Recent advancements in PRTech have enabled us to provide insight into the “why” and “how” of PR in addition to the “what.” PR analytics tools today provide data visualization features that can graphically show you where important business outcome metrics spike, so you can correlate those with other business events. This will help you gather insight on why those spikes happened and what you need to do to generate the next spike.

PR and marketing need a level change in measurement. Embracing PR Attribution™ in your influencer marketing efforts is a driving factor in getting there.

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