How to Make your Messaging Stick



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Would it be valuable to understand how your messages get amplified on social media and drive website actions? How about to see whether your competitors are using identical or similar messaging?

NEO Messaging can give you that insight by tracking the performance of your designated soundbites across all news sources worldwide so you can quickly see which messages are resonating with both the media and your target audience(s).

It’s about controlling the narrative.

  • Across the marketing funnel: NEO shows the business impact of each soundbite and key message across the entire marketing funnel. With NEO, you understand not only which messages had the highest pull-through and which spokespersons have been mentioned the most, but also which ones were amplified the most across social media, drove the most website traffic and generated the most website actions and conversions.
  • Automated & unibased: NEO offers automated, unbiased, data-driven feedback for understanding which brand messages should continue to be incorporated into future marketing and PR efforts and which ones need to be dropped.
  • Real-time: NEO tracks soundbite performance in real time, allowing you to take advantage of search’s “fresh and relevant” content rule and ride the wave of the current trends that apply to your brand.

With NEO, you can measure your message pull-through from an article all the way through to conversions on your website and get automatic insights for optimizing your messaging strategy and controlling your narrative.

NEO Messaging applications for communications & PR pros

Company, brand and spokespersons: 

  • Track soundbites for a company, brand or spokesperson based on what is resonating with the media, customers and other stakeholders to shape marketing, thought leadership and PR strategies for greater impact
  • Create earned, owned and paid media campaigns based on soundbite performance


  • Track soundbites for a specific product to identify if you’re over indexing on specific product mentions or one product benefit over another
  • inform earned, owned and paid campaign strategies for improved performance and product storytelling optimization

Crisis situations: 

  • In pivotal moments, add key soundbites that you are using in external communication 
  • Track crisis-specific soundbite performance over time to understand their ongoing impact on your brand reputation

Taking a company public: 

  • In tandem with an IPO announcement, measure the company’s key messaging and spokespersons
  • Quantify the impact of communications and PR on your IPO performance

A/B testing for key messages: 

  • Track soundbites in a bucket against each other to optimize email marketing, social media, and key messaging materials by leveraging your top performing messages
  • Collaborate with other teams, including marketing, product and human resources, helping them incorporate the winning messages into their strategies

How communicators use NEO for strategic decision-making

Here are some success stories featuring Onclusive customers who have found one or more applications for NEO Messaging.

23andMe, a personal genomics and biotechnology leader, used NEO during a recent campaign launch to look at the key messages and terms that were driving the most website traffic and actions. In addition, they tested a new strategy leveraging industry experts for their product launches. As a result, the company gained powerful insights about the soundbites and spokespersons that drove significant business impact and website activity with less pull-through.

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NEO enabled Monster, a global leader in connecting people and jobs, to craft their plans and demonstrate their success developing messages that get traction in the media and resonate with their customers. As a result, Monster increased the inclusion of key soundbites and spokespersons in their media coverage by up to 54%.

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Lucidworks, an enterprise search technology innovator, utilized NEO to help them increase category awareness through thought leadership and industry education efforts. With NEO, the PR team quantified message pull-through, tested key messages for category building and thought leadership, and identified several high-performing soundbites that they could count on going forward to continue generating website traffic and social amplification.

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A list of articles that include your messaging doesn’t tell the whole story. Know how well your messaging works.

In our upcoming webinar, “How to Optimize Messaging & Soundbites To Drive Success,” we will discuss how NEO can help your business cut through the noise, differentiate itself and accelerate future growth. Register for free for our webinar on July 15 at 1:00 pm EST.