Influencing business decisions to grow your PR budget & your team



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This week, we conclude our April blog series focused on shifting to data-driven PR and communications with the last two steps in this important process. 

Empowering your marketing team, providing input into strategy, and influencing overall business decisions with unique PR data & insights

Metrics such as Power of Voice™, Reader Engagement, Brand Impact and PR Attribution™ are not just useful for PR teams alone to measure their own effectiveness, influence communications strategy and quantify impact to executives. 

Data-driven insights from communications activity can also become important decision-making inputs for your marketing colleagues, your executive team, and your entire organization. Knowing how your content resonates with your audience, which stories compel readers to take action, and how many people take desired actions on your website after reading an article can influence overall marketing strategy and business decisions at your company. 

Measuring and analyzing the impact of specific key messages and sound bytes can also shift your company’s topline messaging strategy.

Showcasing your success using metrics your executives know and love, and building trust in the value of PR over time 

Most PR and communications teams report their results on a monthly, quarterly and annual basis. Typically, monthly reports serve internal communications measurement and analytics purposes, while quarterly and annual reports are presented to or shared with executives and board members.

Data-driven communicators report on a variety of PR metrics aligned with specific business Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Measurements such as Power of Voice™, PR Attribution™ and others outlined in our blog series now represent the standardized gauges of awareness, consideration, engagement and impact influenced by PR efforts, depending on your brand’s business goals. 

Not only has this new reporting system helped Onclusive’s customers get immediate support by speaking the same language as their executive teams, but it has also allowed these communicators to build trust and confidence with their business leaders over time. Leveraging this confidence becomes critical during the annual planning process, when the executive team determines the company budget for the year and allocates specific amounts to each team.  

The Result: Bolstering your budget and advancing your career through data

PR and communications teams who have shifted to effectively using data for executive reporting and strategy development have achieved notable success in their organizations. 

During annual planning time, they can now justify getting more budget and growing their teams, as well as provide invaluable input based on the unique insights only they can deliver, therefore advancing their career — and making themselves and their teams indispensable!

Join us for the “Using Data to Grow Your PR Budget & Your Team” webinar this Thursday, April 30th! Our panel of top communications and PR executives will discuss how they have used data to grow their budget, expand their team, and advance their careers.