The media landscape has never been as expansive as it is today. The explosion of digital, social, blogs, and influencers has increased the number and types of outlets that are publishing content by many orders of magnitude. News and information has been utterly democratized, and it is no longer the case communications and PR teams can rely on a handful of journalists and a small number of publications to get their stories out.

To fully understand the media growth trend, Onclusive analyzed over 1.6 billion pieces of content published globally during the calendar year of 2018. The numbers tell a story of a media ecosystem that continues to expand at an accelerated rate, and an ecosystem that is becoming increasingly democratized by a “long tail” of lower tier publications.

The 2018 Global Media Report reveals key findings:

  • A 16% increase in the total number of media properties globally which published content from January to December 2018
  • The total number of articles published by these media outlets also increased – by 28%
  • Tier 3 media outlets represented 95% of the incremental publishers
  • The average number of articles published by Tier 3 outlets rose sharply, while both Tier 1 and Tier published fewer articles
  • A dramatic increase in the average number of articles published per author, but a decrease in the average character count per article

In this report you will also see the Onclusive 2018 Top 50 Publisher List which ranks global media platforms based on the total number of articles published.